Svantastic fashion

Loaded with modernist and floral patterns, yet shaped almost in a manner of traditional georgian clothing, all pieces exude positive energy. An androgynous edge, splashes of primary colors, and details underlining ethnic identity are present in both men’s and women’s collections. Layered shirts, tailored coats with embroidery and silk fringe, Jacquard suits with exaggerated shoulders, complex beaded ornaments - clothing that will compliment any wardrobe.

Managing to create truly unique pieces that will easily transcend through many seasons, “LEM” is off to a good start - “I believe in craftsmanship and quality”, Phridon says, and this “slow fashion” statement shows in every piece.
The word “lem” stands for “lion” in the ancient language of Svaneti, Georgia - one of the highest summits in Europe, which happens to be a homeland of the brand’s founder, Phridon Niguriani. 53-year-old designer has a very unusual background - he has built his career in the field of safety management and came to designing clothes through making some for himself first.

“I always had a hard time finding things to wear since I’m into bright colors, and when I’d finally pick something, it wouldn’t fit the way I wanted it to, so I hired a seamstress. Shortly afterwards I figured I could just bring a piece of fabric and a sketch to her, and make my own clothes - it took me some time to learn how to draw though, but I’m doing better now. Every time I’d dress up in things I made myself, my coworkers would start bombarding me with questions - and that’s exactly how I started considering creating clothing for other people”, says Phridon.